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Sensor systems for significantly more safety & efficiency in care

The IQcare systems inform you immediately about the most important events in the residents' rooms: The bed is vacated, has been empty for more than 15 minutes or the bed is occupied again - and IQcare can switch the light on and off again. Also, the system informs you when opening doors and windows.

This way, you can avoid up to 80% of falls and unnecessary control walks. Your staff can concentrate so much better on the personal care - and perhaps also have some time to breathe!

NEW: NOBU GO - watch and necklaces

Always with you • Safe & fast • Easy to trigger

NOBU GO is particularly suitable for seniors who are still mobile and want to feel safe in their personal living environment.

Pear push buttons/emergency call switches in care facilities and at home are often literally "not at hand" because they are out of reach for a person who has fallen.
NOBU watch and neckles

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Sensors in the
mattress inform
you about the
events in the room ...

  • When you leave the bed, the light turns on automatically and you receive an information.
  • If the bed is occupied again, the light is switched off and you again receive an information.
  • If the bed is not occupied again after 15 minutes, you will receive an alarm message.
A clear plus in security - with significantly less control rounds!

Sensors on doors
and windows
inform you about the
leaving the room ...

  • When a door or window is opened, you will be informed immediately.
  • If the door or window is closed again, you will also receive information.
  • With deactivation switch.

A clear plus in security - with significantly fewer control rounds!

With wireless everywhere to
install switches
control residents
the light in the room ...

  • When getting up conveniently turn on the light.
  • Even when lying down no contorting to reach the switch.
  • For stroke patients, the switch is mounted on the mobile side.

Convenient on and off switch provides permanent light use and avoids falls in the dark!


The IQcare solutions also for the private sector

Protect your loved ones and facilitate your care.

Also for private ...

Of course we offer all our products also for private use. Please just contact us.
Let the proven IQcare technology take over tedious routine tasks.

How to free up time for your staff's important caregiving tasks ...
The IQcare systems operate cordless and battery-free.

How to remove trip hazards in the rooms ...
The IQcare systems work with all call systems regardless of age - including radio systems.

Create a future-proof investment, even if a new detection system is coming soon ...
The nursing mattress DEKU3 fits
to any bed - there is also an extension option.

Make your residents more comfortable with this highest quality nursing mattress ...
No complex cable routing and no annoying replacement
of batteries.

Use the IQcare systems quickly and easily ...
With our comprehensive instructions, the setup is quickly done.

How to set up IQcare systems quickly and easily ...
Emergency call button

The emergency call button NOBU

Fast, easy and wireless installed everywhere

The new generation of the emergency call switch gives you completely new possibilities to create a safe situation for your residents. In addition, it also gives the caregivers a safe feeling. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Very quick and easy installation
  • No cables as with pear push buttons
  • , for example.
  • Maintenance free
  • No batteries
  • Fixed in place by screwing or gluing
  • Flexible to take along, for example, to the room's own balcony
Evacuation reference EVA

The evacuation cover EVA

The IQcare evacuation cover, unlike evacuation wipes, absolutely non-slip encloses the entire mattress. But it is also very easy to remove, wash or disinfect and put back on.

In an emergency: non-slip, safe and comfortable.
Quick readiness and easy handling are the main features of this evacuation cover. Two tear-resistant safety straps hold the person being transported securely on the mattress.

When not in use, they can be conveniently stowed to the side. Their strong adhesive Velcro fasteners are quickly put on and always fit.

Stable, side-mounted transport loops make it easier to carry even heavy people. With the slippery bottom even the evacuation by only one person is possible.

Trust in the performance & quality of our products!

More than 1000 systems installed
Since 10 years proven technology
Assuring the future
Tested by Cert Berlin
Made in germany
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EMB Leuchten

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