Lights and switches where you really need them!

Light switching for each existing luminaire

With the light package LINK switch every lamp in the room in a very convenient way. But especially those lamps that the residents still know from their previous apartment.

And so it works
Plug the radio multiple socket strip LINK:dose in a any socket in the room. Thus, you gain a socket, because the strip contains two other sockets that you can use as you wish, because they always carry power. Only the green can is switched on and off via the radio light switch.
In this can you plug the plug of the additional light to be switched. If the radio light switch LINK:switch is now operated, the light switches on.
The radio light switch LINK:switch comes without cables and batteries, because a small piezo-elektriscches element provides the necessary power for the radio signal - simply by operating the switch.

Flexible use
You can quickly and easily attach the LINK:switch radio light switch anywhere by gluing or screwing:

  • Quite normal wall mounting: you do not need to lay cables for the switch nor replace batteries on a regular basis.
  • Directly on the bed frame, so that even the residents lying in bed can operate it comfortably and without contortions.
  • For partially paralyzed patients there is always a place at the bed, so that even in these cases the light can be switched comfortably.
  • Near the chair, where people stay during the day.
  • Directly by the wheelchair, which the residents use during the day.

Even more options
  • You don't have to choose just one of the options. Do you want to control the light directly at the bed, near the armchair and also from the wheelchair, just put other radio light switches LINK:switches, all controlling the same LINK:dose.
  • You can also use several radio multiple socket strips LINK:dose in the room.
  • And again you have free choice. Control each LINK:can via a separate LINK:switch - or control all multiple socket strips LINK:can via a single LINK:switch.
  • Everything is always without cables and battery.

No installation effort - no maintenance
The radio switch LINK:switch comes without cables to be laid elaborately and also requires no batteries. Easier and faster you can not create a lighting situation tailored to the residents. *** Translated with (free version) ***
Lichtschaltung für jede vorhandene Leuchte
Funklichtschalter LINK Schalter
Funk-Mehrfach-steckdosenleiste LINK Dose
Bis zu Funklichtschalter, LINK Schalter, LINK Dosen
Schnelle, einfache und kabellose Installation

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